Learning Italian is helpful for anyone wishing to pursue a career in fashion, business, engineering, technology, design, and music. It allows you to capture the spirit of the Mediterranean and of their joy of living. It also opens the door to a wealth of information and improves cultural understanding. Being able to speak Italian makes traveling around the picturesque country much easier, giving firsthand insights into a society rich in art, history and culture.

Va Bene! | Learn Italian

How it Works


  • 24-hour supervisions
  • Tuition and course material
  • Language certificate
  • Student card
  • Pocket money service
  • Included package of activities and excursions


Experience a unique bilingual and multicultural environment! Teachers will encourage students to practice their conversational skills and help students to apply their knowledge to everyday situations. Group exercises and class debates are also instigated to inspire students to share ideas.


  • Trips – 3 Castles in Bellinzona, Mount Tamaro, Shopping to Lugano
  • Evening Activities – Talent night, Movie night, BBQ, Disco party, Music blind quiz

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