Founded in Silicon Valley, iD Tech has provided the premier coding education experience to over 275,000 kids and teens in the United States and beyond. Students receive world-class instruction from top-notch staff at elite campuses such as Stanford, Princeton, and MIT, while working to create an impressive project and build skills that last long after summer.

ID Tech Camp

How it Works


  • 30 + Innovative courses for all interests, backgrounds, and skill levels
  • Industry-standard products from Apple, Google, Adobe, Autodesk, and more
  • Off-computer activities including gaming tournaments, sports, board games, and campus excursionsA taste of independence and a glimpse into collegiate life


iD Tech Camp is the # 1 U.S. Coding Camp that offers Weeklong Days or Overnight Stays. Students will be exposed to Code Apps, Develop Games and Discover Encryption. It is guaranteed only 8 students per Instructor.



  • Engineer Robots
  • Design for VR
  • Build a Laptop
  • 3D-Print Objects
  • Produce Videos



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