Japan is one of the best countries for educational travel and immersion, with its rich culture and tradition harmonized with its modern industries. Temples and shrines sit side by side with skyscrapers and commercial establishments, all connected with one of the most advanced and safe transportation systems in the world.

Group: Japanese Language and Cultural Immersion

How it Works


• Personalized Japanese language and culture lessons
• Immersive activities and experiences from a wide variety of choices from traditional to popular Japanese culture
• Customized whole-day visits to historical sites and tourist spots


Students have a lot to learn from the Japanese, from their sincerity in welcoming people of different cultures, to their unmatched efficiency and work ethic, to their art, which has made impact in almost every form be it in film, music, or manga.


• Cosplay Lesson
• Manga Class
• Paper Art Work
• Character Bento Workshop
• Pottery
• Calligraphy
• Tea ceremony
• Katana Sword Lesson
• Zen meditation
• Origami Lesson
• Kimono class

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