Global Leadership Program is a dynamic summer course designed for future leaders in the worlds of international politics and business. Students will improve their knowledge of political theory, international relations, sociology, world history, and global economics. This will also enhance their abilities in the key areas of analytical thought, communication, presentation of which are all vital for successful future careers.

Global Leadership Program

How it Works


  • Study in a University setting.
  • Examine historical and contemporary global issues.
  • Join an international study community



Students receive more than 20 hours of teaching per week. The course is focused on building each student’s craft, skills, and confidence through discussion of material that is both challenging and contemporary. This involves teacher-led lessons and seminars, through which the class would learn the theory behind many of the challenges faced by global leaders past and present.



  • Power and the Art of Government
  • Political Ideologies
  • Equality, Social Justice and Welfare
  • Global Futures: The World in 2035



  • Cambridge
  • Oxford
  • London



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