A language of love, of literature, of fashion and of cooking, French is by far one of, if not the most romantic languages in our society today. Learning French at Alpadia Summer Camps is a rewarding and enjoyable experience as it provides students with the tools to improve their language skills and boost their confidence.

C’est Genial | Learn French

How it Works


  • 24-hour supervisions
  • Tuition and course material
  • Language certificate
  • Student card
  • Pocket money service
  • Included package of activities and excursions


Alpadia offers a lively and interactive atmosphere for learning French. With great teachers who know how to infuse you with motivation and bring humour to the classes, you will be able to take advantage of a friendly environment and engaging lessons. Lessons are always dynamic and interactive, encouraging communication and exchange on themes that are of interest to the class.


  • Trips – Gruyères Town & Cheese Factory, Cailler Chocolate Factory, Disyneland Paris, Palace of Versailles, Bordeaux
  • Evening Activities – Talent night, Movie night, BBQ, Disco party, Music blind quiz

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