The course covers both knowledge and the abilities required for successful leadership in politics and business. Students will learn about politics and the government systems. They will be able to draw on their experiences and the experiences of their classmates to see the variety of ways in which these systems operate the world.

Introduction to Leadership

How it Works


  • Join students from around the world
  • Experience life in a college of the University of Oxford
  • Learn about modern world issues
  • Be taught by inspirational teachers



The students will be involved in class activities and workshop to ensure that they can learn in a variety of styles and are always fully engaged with the course material. Debates and discussions are central to this course, and students should expect to have their views challenged.



  • Leadership and Ethics
  • Public Influence and the Media
  • Culture and Diversity: Leadership in a Globalized World
  • Leadership Strategies and Analytical Tools



  • Cambridge
  • Oxford
  • London


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