TraveLearn is every student’s academic compass for the world’s classroom. We guide students of every age to intercultural learning opportunities through our network of partners around the globe.

We provide the most diverse options, in the most number of destinations, through having the widest network of partners around the globe.

TraveLearn is the unbiased, transparent, and Filipino representative of various prestigious schools and organizations around the world.

How it Works

We work with top-ranked universities, accredited institutions, and experienced educators to make sure that every participant comes out as global but grounded learners, with cross-cultural connections that will last a lifetime.

We work on custom programs with schools to complement their’ international initiatives, their curriculum, and their specific subjects or courses of focus.


Students aged 8 to 18

Educator-led school groups


Short-term international education programs


Year-round programs


20+ global destinations

Easy Steps


Our Success Stories

When students are exposed to a new environment and are taken out of their comfort zone, they gain new perspectives, they adapt, they grow. This is what participants of our program has accomplished!

Director of Admissions and International Relations, Westfields International School

The program was well planned and well coordinated. The activities were all very interesting.  They were able to acquire skills in speaking Japanese even if they only had classes for 2 hours in 5 days. The program made our students like Japan and Japanese culture even more.

Parent, January 2018

They learned how to speak minimal Japanese, draw some anime, make ramen and gyoza, wear kimonos and follow the Japanese culture, and more. He understood the importance of respecting other people’s culture and most importantly trying something new such as eating their food

Student, January 2018

If it wasn’t for this program I wouldn’t have learned a lot about Japanese culture and language. I was able to explore a new country I have never been to and work with such amazing teachers, and meet a bunch of the local Japanese people. I liked how the activities arranged were things you can’t really do in your daily lives if you’re not living in Japan.

Frequently Asked Questions

TraveLearn is the one source for short-term international programs. We offer programs for every type of learner, whatever their age, ability, or circumstance.

We have five program types in 20+ global locations:

  1. Language Learning
  2. Leadership Programs
  3. Discovery & Immersion Programs
  4. University Preparation Programs
  5. Specialist Programs & Courses
    • Students aged 8 to 18
    • Educator-led school groups

We have programs for every type of learner. We are the one source for short-term international programs, which offer diversity and flexibility in options.

We lead students to grow their maturity and expand their personal development, whatever their age, ability, or circumstance

We work with top-ranked universities, accredited institutions, and experienced educators who offer meaningful and life-changing opportunities

  1. Choose your program: One-on-one consultation to find the perfect program fit and destination
  2. Get help with your visa: Visa coaching and checking fo requirements
  3. Select your travel options: Finalizing accommodations and scheduling of flights
  4. Get ready: Pre-departure orientation conducted in your school for students, parents, and educators


Educator-led school groups can participate in a program designed for their specific curriculum or area of interest. One educator can come for every fifteen students.

    • School exchange
    • Lectures and workshops
    • University tours and visits
    • Cultural activities

Guardians and parents can come only for school groups. We can come up with a guardian program package for those who want to join the program.

Students can stay in a dormitory, in a private residence, or in a host family.

Host families go through a careful vetting process. Students fill up a form which collates their age, medical conditions, allergies, and dietary requirements to make sure that they are placed in a host family which fits them.

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