Asia Internship Program is an eye-opener and a gate of opportunity for students who wish to hone their craft in the Hospitality Industry.

We want our students to be Globally Competitive, Develop their skills, gain independence and experience a diverse culture that this Internship Program will offer. This is not only for career enhancement but this is an investment for their future.

200+ 4-5 star hotels awaits for the students to experience professional training! The Asia Internship Program will be their foundation for more opportunities ahead.

Asia Internship

How it Works

Asia Internship Program exposes the participants in a 6-month internship in Thailand, Maldives, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Cambodia. This is only for a select few CHED-qualified students. But this is an all year round application for TESDA students.


  • Filipino citizen
    Hospitality course
    Flexible and motivated
    Can speak conversational English
    18-26 years old


  • Experience
    professional training


6 months


  • Thailand
  • (Bangkok, Phuket, Hua Hin, Samui Island, Chang Mai)
  • Maldives
  • Indonesia (Bali)
  • Cambodia
  • Vietnam

Easy Steps

1Attend an Orientation
2Sign Up for a Free Pre-Screening
3Get Pre-Screened
4Make Your a Payment

Our Success Stories

UTP value the experiences of its participants. We'll share our participants' success stories soon! If you're a previous UTP Asia Internship participant, share with us your stories and be featured!

JIAN REJAS, 20, Lobby host and Management Trainee in Front Office Department, Sofitel Krabi Phokeethra Golf and Spa Resort, Thailand

Being in a place with people who have different culture,language and beliefs to yours is never an easy thing, but with the drive and persistence to learn something new, I was able to survive the complicated dance and follow the rhythm of life’s challenges.
The most significant part of my internship in Thailand was gaining new friends – friendships so true you’d think it’s unreal. Having friends with different languages was very challenging and fun at the same time. We may have had a hard time in communicating with each other, but the sincerity and warmth were enough to make me feel positive and calm.

My main takeaway from the experience is to never let fear get you to stop chasing your dreams. And that in every step towards my dream, there is always something to be sacrificed, may it be the time with my family or my health, but in the end, I know it will be all worth it. Joining the Thailand Internship Program is the greatest risk I never ever thought I would do, the scariest thing I have ever jumped on, the deepest ocean I have ever swam, and the darkest path I have ever walked on. It’s  never a piece of cake, but beneath those pains and struggles are the countless learnings, thousands of smiles, and irreplaceable memories. Thank you, UTP!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Students who have supportive universities in providing required documentation for visa application
  • Students from TESDA courses
  • Students from CHED
  • Accredited universities who can participate in the SIAP (Student
  • International Abroad Program)
  • Hospitality courses
  • 18-26 – Advanced English Level

Yes. You are required to get ED Visa for Thailand prior to your departure. For Maldives, you will get your internship visa at the immigration office in Maldives upon landing. For Vietnam, Indonesia, and Cambodia, you are required to get a visa prior to your departure.

  • Round trip ticket w/ 15kg Baggage
  • Accommodation / Housing
  • Duty meals
  • Insurance
  • Guaranteed Paid Internship
  • Management Training Placement secured prior to your arrival
  • Initial Interview with the Partner Organization
  • Interview with the Host Organization
  • Administrative work assistance and preparation for ED Visa Application
  • Visa Coaching and Orientations
  • Pre Departure Orientation
  • Airport pick-up
  • Program- End reference letters and Evaluation
  • Visa Application Fee (Php 3,200.00)
  • Visa Renewal Expenses
  • Pocket Money ($500-$800 for 1 month, also to pay for the additional fees)
  • Additional Domestic Flights
  • PH Embassy Registrations

Through local agencies, UTP is able to secure renowned partners in Asia.