Our Story, Our Growth

Since 1999, we have always envisioned a world where everyone can succeed wherever you are, wherever you’re from. We continuously build our portfolio to offer the most diverse, high-quality programs in the most number of locations.

Our Advocacy

UTP stands for Unite the People and we are here to actively take part in changing the world for the better. We bridge people to life-changing experiences and opportunities – creating globally-competitive but grounded learners and leaders who are all equipped and united to make a difference.

Our Difference

UTP is centered on becoming the gold standard for international exchange programs in the Philippines. We are committed to operating as a for-student company, prioritizing what’s best for our participants at all cost.

Each UTP representative is empowered to deliver relationship-driven support services, dedicated end-to-end processing, and only the best quality programs.

Our Belief

We empower young leaders by developing characters, redefining mindsets, and breaking down walls of stereotypes – one exchange at a time. We believe in global citizenship and making small and big differences, moving our participants to take on a purpose beyond themselves.

We’re passionate to create the best experiences to change makers, here and abroad.  With over a decade of excellence in cultural and educational exchange programs, UTP has helped thousands of people to explore and understand the world.

To date, UTP works with a wide network of established partners fostering intercultural understanding between people of different nationalities, ages, interests, and aspirations.



We move people beyond borders.

We move people beyond map lines, beyond stereotypes,
and beyond personal limitations.

We move people to realize their full potential,
ready to make impact – ready to change the world.


A world where you can succeed
wherever you are, wherever you’re from.

The Impact

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